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Math Place Ontario Edition

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Math Place is a comprehensive classroom resource that focuses on balanced instruction through conceptual understanding and foundational math skills.

It includes embedded teacher support in every lesson, built-in assessment opportunities through observations and conversations, as well as three-part lessons that outline actual prompts for teachers to ask and highlight key math features.

Differentiation is also built right into the lessons as well as growth mindsets and building student confidence in math through math talks and using spatial reasoning to achieve student success.

About Math Place

  • Aligned to Ontario’s Mathematics Curriculum (2020)
  • Integrated Coding, Social Emotional Learning skills, and Financial Literacy!
  • 3 Math Place Kits per grade: Number & Financial Literacy, Spatial Sense, and Algebra & Data
  • Embedded teaching support with math strategies, research, detailed lesson plans, and assessment, and follow-up activities
  • Promotes positive attitudes and growth mindsets towards math

Focuses on balanced instruction

  • Conceptual understanding to proficiency with computations and skills
  • Guided, shared, independent instruction in three-part lessons
  • Problem solving, meaningful math talk, independent practice
  • Connecting concrete, pictorial, and symbolic representations
  • Digital Big Book and Printed Little Books
  • Teacher's Guide, print and digital teaching support
  • Read aloud texts
Photograph of Diane Stang

Lead Author for Math Place Diane Stang

Diane Stang has been an educator for over 40 years, working in various roles in the classroom, at the ministry level, and now as National Math Consultant and Lead Author of Math Place. Her tried and true classroom-tested lessons coupled with her practical approach to math empowers teachers to teach math in an authentic, meaningful way. Diane integrates professional development in every part of the resource—weaving in First Peoples Perspectives, building growth mindsets, “math talks”, spatial reasoning, visualization, and a balanced math approach to meet the needs of all students.

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