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Chairpeople: Rewards Redemption

The Product Rewards you earn bring valuable books and resources to your school.

More books. More kids. More reading. We want to help you make that happen!

Scholastic Canada is committed to continually improve our Rewards Program. We do this by listening to educators like you, who advocate for independent reading programs in Canadian schools. Here is what we learned:

You want better visibility of your Product Rewards.

You can conveniently view your Rewards balance online within your Toolkit. Simply login, anytime, anywhere, 24/7 to see your current Reward balance!

Toolkit Login Learn More
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You like to save your Product Rewards but sometimes need a nudge to redeem them and deliver the resources that students need.

Starting March 1, 2020 you will have 24 months to redeem Rewards earned at your Book Fair. This means that the children whose families supported the Book Fair will enjoy the books and educational resources the Book Fair earned.

You asked for some guidance to determine which resources the school needs the most to foster independent reading.

You have the commitment of your Book Fair Consultant and our Education Consultants to help you create a Rewards plan to support independent reading after the Book Fair is over.

Catalogue Rewards

Catalogue Rewards cover Current Curriculum cover
  • Order curriculum-based library resources from the Classroom Essentials, Curriculum Resources, or Trade Catalogues found in your planning kit OR online!
  • Shop from the Classroom Essentials online store!

Promotional Items

Select from our NEW promotional items to help boost participation and get kids more excited about READING!


Choose from 3 packages:

$69.95 ea Countdown Display image

Countdown Display
Item #3539668

$49.95 ea Bandit Signs image

Bandit Signs (set of 3)
Item #3511228

$99.95 ea Decorating Kit image

Decorating Kit
Item #3570662

Download the Promotional packages brochure for more details on each package!

Author Skype Visits

Author Visits logo
Kids photo

NEW Author Visits Available!

Bring Scholastic authors right to your school via Skype!

This NEW Rewards Redemption package is specially designed to create excitement and promote literacy for your whole school community! Simply select the Author of your choice and reserve your visit!

Visit includes:

  • 10 participating authors
  • 30 minute Skype chat
  • 100 paperback or 50 hardcover copies (increased quantities available)
  • Autographed Book Plates
  • Guide to a successful Skype Event!

Schedule your visit today!

Reward Redemption Quick-Reference Guide

  1. Take Product Directly From Your Fair
    This is the best and easiest way to stock your shelves, build your classroom libraries and ensure kids have access to books they want to read.
  2. Place a Product Reward Order in the TOOLKIT, it’s fast and convenient!
  3. SHOP DIRECTLY FROM OUR MANY CATALOGUES found in your Planning Kit.
  4. REDEEM PRODUCT REWARDS at the Warehouse Sale Event.
  5. CLASSROOM SUPPLIES – order online with Rewards 24/7 for classroom supplies and resources!
  6. PROMOTIONAL PACKAGES to help boost participation! Choose from a two-sided Countdown Display, Outdoor Bandit signs, or a Themed Decorating Kit! 1-800-268-3848
  7. AUTHOR SKYPE VISIT at your school! Get the kids excited about reading with a visit from some of their favorite authors!

You have the commitment of your Book Fair Consultant and our Education Consultants to help you create a Rewards plan to support independent reading after the Book Fair is over.

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